The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, by Barbara Robinson

"Hey! Unto you, a child is born!"

This is without a doubt the best Christmas book of all time. Who is able to resist the charms of the sociopathic Herdmans? In an attempt to filch some Communion wine, the very worst kids in the history of the world get caught up in the Christmas Pageant and discover the spirit of Christmas. Unwittingly, they share that revelation with a small American town and the entire thing is so delightfully kooky.

I used to read this book every year with my family around the Christmas tree. When we were younger my parents would read one chapter a night to us as we counted down to the big day. As we got older, we'd pass around the book along with the wine as we read each other this family favourite. Each and every year this children's book would reduce us to tears of laughter. This is one of my favourite memories.

This post is for Mom, Dad, Allie and Cameron. Continents and lives away, you're always in my heart at Christmas time, and just always.

May your holidays be merry and bright, filled with joy and tears of laughter. Make some amazing memories this year to carry into the next.

Merry Christmas from The Book Oracle xo