Welcome to the Book Oracle

Updated: Nov 9, 2018

I have used all my great intuitive powers to deduce that you like books.

I mean, why read a book blog if you don't? So I already know we're kindred spirits. I consider myself a pretty dedicated reader, have been all my life. I should get certified. I actually think that having a book blog is as close as it gets.

I read all kinds of books, I don't play favourites. From impassioned philosophical treatises to kinky romance, I swing any which way. I also have a knack at finding a good book for your next read.

I'll gaze into my crystal ball, waggle my fingers, and come up with your next favourite book. DM me at laurenbarrnewcity@gmail.com. Go ahead. Try me.

While I have no preference as to what I read, let me put it out there that I write young adult novels and basically love that genre so much. Interested in a dystopian novel about beautiful people in a mysterious and menacing city? Check out my novel New City here.

Oh, and you didn't think this was my only book blog, did you? Of course not! Now, if you have a particular bent for cheesy teen horror books from the '90s (I know it's specific, but I also know that you are out there), you positively NEED to check out Shadyside Snark, where all of R. L. Stine's Fear Street books have been analyzed intellectually and then snarked upon.